Monday, September 13, 2010

Run fast for your mother, run fast for your father

I enjoyed watching the MTV Video Music Awards last night, and it has been a few years since I had seen the whole show. I thought Chelsea Handler was pretty funny overall as the host, and I especially like her digs at MTV's lack of video-playing.

As for the performances, I though quite a few were quite good. I liked Kanye's song (and his set), though a just admitting one is a douchebag does not necessarily absolve one. Eminem did a good job as well. The performance I really liked the most was Florence + the Machine singing "The Dog Days Are Over." I am a latecomer to Florence + the Machine, but I have been listening to the album for a couple of weeks now, on the recommendation of a friend. But I had no idea that the video for this song was such a big thing, nominated for multiple awards. Again, since MTV does not play videos, I don't know where these nominations come from, but this song is a powerhouse, so I was glad to see the recognition.

Florence and the Machine "DOG DAYS ARE OVER" Music Video from LEGS MEDIA on Vimeo.

I was also glad to see Lady Gaga win so many awards, but the vegan in me was pretty disgusted by her meat dress.


At 7:52 PM, Blogger J0hn posited...

Love that song (DOG DAYS).
I have never seen the video, though.


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