Monday, August 30, 2010

Ask the birds singing

The first week of school last week was very long. Of course I was not used to getting up early, but the days seemed pretty long. As I mentioned in the spring, I was cut to part time this year, and though it is a small cut, I basically teach one fewer classes this semester. My schedule is such that I have a giant block of time in between my classes, and while on paper this seems like a good schedule, it really just means that I do most of my teaching at the end of the day, and the block of nothingness makes the day much longer. On the plus side, I should have no trouble getting my school work done.

And speaking of school work, grad class starts up again this week, so I'm hoping this new professor is good. The class is all about special education.

Anyway, enough of that tediousness. Here are some music-based things I really like right now or am looking forward to:
  • "The Man" by Eels. The whole new album is fantastic, but "The Man" has a brilliant simplicity about it, plus really cool between-verse drums. Download an mp3!
  • "Heirloom" by Sufjan Stevens. Sufjan released a strange EP called All Delighted People last week. "Heirloom" blows me away with its banjo and its echo. Download an mp3!
  • Speaking of Sufjan, he announced this week that he will be releasing a new album on October 12. The Age of Adz with be a bit electronic apparently, and I am exceptionally excited.
  • And speaking of Sufjan, I have tickets to see him at the historic Chicago Theatre on October 15. Since I loved the last Sufjan concert I saw, I am thrilled to be seeing him again.
  • And speaking of concerts at the historic Chicago Theatre, four days prior to the Sufjan show, I will be seeing Belle and Sebastian. Since I loved the last Belle and Sebastian concert I saw, I am thrilled to be seeing them.
  • And speaking of Belle and Sebastian, they announced last week that they will be releasing a new album on October 12 (Yep, the same day as Sufjan's album!). Write About Love will no doubt excite me.
  • And speaking of music in October, I will be going to see Broken Social Scene on October 2. Yep, loved them before, will love them again.
  • Have I mentioned some concerts? Well, I just found out that LCD Soundsystem will be back in town, with Hot Chip, at the end of October. Good lord.
  • And at the beginning of November . . . Jónsi. This concert is supposed to be spectacular, and a little preview video gives me goosebumps.


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