Sunday, August 22, 2010

Nausea, Improv, and Sweet Lou

My weekend started off quite badly. Friday was Freshman Orientation day at school, which capped off several days of meetings at work in preparation for the new school year. The day was fine, except that at about 10:00 AM, a strange stomach flu or something similar crashed into my gut like the Kool-Aid Man and flattened me. I started getting stomach cramps, nausea, clamminess, and other fun stomach-related symptoms that I'm sure you can guess. Fortunately my official duties for the day involved meeting my two freshman classes for 7 minutes each. So while I say at my desk, sweating and trying not to barf, I waited for my two classes. They went off without a hitch, but then I left school early.

The train ride home felt like an eternity, as I hoped I could make it home without any problems. I was dripping with sweat and feeling like shit. But I made it home, where I promptly slept for five hours. After I woke up in the evening, I ate some soup, which felt ok, then went back to bed.

On Saturday morning, I was feeling better, but my whole body ached. I ate some toast, and new the stomach part was over. The real worry was that my brother and his girlfriend were coming to town for the weekend, and we had big plans. I just hoped I would be okay. I did however appear to be on the mend.

By the time my brother arrived, I was feeling pretty much all better, except for my aching body, but I decided to press on. We spent the day going around the city, topped off by a very entertaining night at Second City.

Today we went to the Cubs-Braves game, and when we got to Wrigley Field, I checked my Twitter newsfeed and discovered that today's game was to be Lou Piniella's last game ever. While he had previously announced that this season would be his last, some family issues (a sick mother) caused him to opt out early. So I was sad because I love Lou, but I was glad that I could be at this unplanned landmark game.

And very sadly, the Cubs totally sucked, as they have for most of the season--but this past month has been especially miserable. They are simply godawful. The game was a travesty, so Lou did not get a swan song of any kind.

But Lou did wonders for the Cubs, leading them to consecutive playoffs, so we will remember him for the years before his players sucked. Lou will be missed.

And summer is over--official first day of school tomorrow!


At 9:56 PM, Anonymous Your Mom posited...

On several counts, double yuck.

At 10:58 PM, Blogger P "N" K posited...

Omar Infante got nasty.

I always enjoyed watching Lou. He threw some tremendous tantrums, and you could always tell he cared about managing, even when the team was terrible, like in Tampa a few years ago.


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