Monday, August 16, 2010

Falling on my head like a memory

I had a wonderful time in Minnesota, despite the weather. Rain filled most of the days, but no matter--we charged anyway, and even made it out on the pontoon a couple of times. Monday night was spent hanging out with the Devine family, some of my best friends ever. We chatted, caught up, watched a movie, etc. Noting crazy, in preparation for Tuesday.

Tuesday was the 6th Annual Boys' Cruise -- a very fun gathering of middle-aged teachers. Last year the weather was perfect for this event, but it was not to be this year. Despite the stormy forecast, we all met at Zorbaz, had a few drinks, and then headed out on Gull Lake. The conversation was great, and the beer was cold. (Despite the considerable cloudiness, the temperature was very hot and humid.) So after a little while on the lake, slow-cruising around, we began to feel the first drops of rain, so we headed over to Ernie's on Gull where we sat on the patio under the umbrellas and watched the downpour.

After that session of rain had subsided a bit, we got back in the boat and slow-cruised a bit more, until it started raining again. This time we zipped over to Loony's Beach Hut at Grand View Lodge, which provides ample shelter while still giving us a beachfront view of the lake. The power at Loony's was out (as it was around much of Gull Lake by this point), but that did not stop the festivities. Eventually the power came back on, we paid our tabs, and headed back out.

Back to Zorbaz we went, and by the time we got there, the torrents had begun again. We were completely soaked, having never jumped in the lake. We ended our night hanging out at Zorbaz, talking with old friends, and waiting to dry off. (My extra set of dry clothes was soaking wet from being in my non-waterproof bag.) Fortunately I thought ahead and had stored my iPhone, wallet, and camera in Ziploc bags.

Though the day was a wet one, we won't soon forget it.

The rest of my week was spent with friends. We went back out on the boat on Thursday, this time with the kids, and though not nearly as rainy, the rain still hit us. Oh well.

As I said: no matter--I love going back to Minnesota.


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