Sunday, August 08, 2010

Like we did it over summer long

Lollapalooza Day 2 was fantastic. First I watched Stars, who put on an energetic and fun show. As I mentioned when I saw them before, their voices are so powerful live, and their enthusiasm about being at Lollapalooza was contagious.

I met up with some friends and spent the day with them, watching music and hanging out. We saw Grizzly Bear, which I must say was just ok. Their music doesn't translate so well to a big festival setting. We also watched Cut Copy, and they were great. Their music is do danceable and fun, and the crowd was really moving.

But the finale of the night was Phoenix, and everyone knows how I feel about Phoenix. Of course the last time I saw them was at an intimate venue, and Grant Park is certainly not that. But the crowd was huge and loving every minute of the set. The band is so great live, and they played (almost) every song I wanted to hear (except "Napoleon Says"--oh well). I left very happy with Day 2.

One of my favorite parts about Lollapalooza is seeing great music under the beautiful Chicago skyline.

Tonight I'm looking forward to The National and Arcade Fire.


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