Monday, September 06, 2010

Don't do nothin' . . .

I had a wonderful Labor Day weekend. After a long week at school (still getting in to the swing of things), I was very much looking forward to a big double sports weekend. That's right: I was a big sports fan.

First, on Saturday a couple of friends and I went to our first Chicago Fire game. I am a sort-of soccer fan. I always enjoyed watching high school soccer games (I would go to them with the Devine family, since David was the coach), and I went to several college soccer games since I had many friends on the team. And for the past three or four World Cup tournaments, I have gotten in to the games. So I am not a huge fan, but I do enjoy the game. But now after this weekend I want to become a bigger fan.

The Chicago Fire were playing the L.A. Galaxy, so the game was sold out. Everyone wanted to see Landon Donovan and David Beckham, though Beckham was not there due to injury. But Saturday was a gorgeous, cool and sunny day, and we were ready for the fun. That fun started early, since we purchased our tickets through a group that provides a charter bus to drive fans to the game. We boarded the bus at a local bar, ready for the 45 minute trek to Toyota Park. The fans were fun, made more fun by the free beer on the bus.

We got to the game just as it was starting, expecting crappy cheap seats, so we were pleasantly surprised to find great goal-end seats near the infamous Section 8, which is a group of hugely entertaining and enthusiastic fans that sit directly behind the goal. The game was fun to watch, with a lot of great plays, culminating in an excellent Fire goal which caused us to erupt in excitement. Sadly, the Galaxy scored within about two minutes after that. The game was a tie, which unfortunately meant that the Fire's playoff hopes were dashed, as they needed a victory.

The friends, the fans, the beer (and margaritas), and the Fire all combined for a great day. I will definitely be going back!

Then on Sunday, a couple of other friends and I went to Wrigley for my last Cubs game of the year. I have gone to more games this year than I ever have, and though Wrigley is always fun, I wish I could have broken my attendance record in a year that the Cubs did not suck. The game Sunday was abysmal, as the boys in blue lost to the sucky Mets 18-5. That's right, 18-5. Against the Mets. But the Cubs won the series, which is small comfort for such a disappointing season. I still love my Cubbies, and I will always be a fan, but this season has been a profound failure.

Nevertheless, I had a fun time because I was with great friends, and the weather was beautiful.

Today I just relaxed, did some grad school work, and watched the long weekend tick away.


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