Wednesday, December 05, 2007

A-fallin' and a-drivin'

Today we had our first big snowfall of the year. (Big is relative, of course, but it was about 6 inches.) Of course it does not snow as much here as it does in Minnesota, but Chicago has some fairly severe winters. But I have instantly decided that snow in Minnesota is much better than snow in Chicago, for the simple reason that when I lived in Minnesota I did not have to walk anywhere in the snow. In Chicago, I almost never drive anywhere--I drive to the grocery store or Target once a week, but I almost never drive to work or to run daily errands. Instead, I walk or ride my bike everywhere. And the snow has put the damper on my bike riding for the time being, which means I have to leave for work about 10 minutes earlier now--yuck. Also in the city, the snow turns to black slush much sooner than it did in Brainerd, so then I have to walk through that.

So, to sum up: though winters in Minnesota are obviously more harsh, they are much more easy to manage. Chalk one up for Minnesota!

And if it could be possible, it looks like my new school district might be even more stingy about snow days than Brainerd was. Not that I expected a snow day today -- 6 inches? Please. -- but apparently last year when there was a 12-inch snowstorm was the first time in 12 years that my district canceled school. So like Brainerd, my district is often the only one is session for 100 miles around!

But on days like today, when the snow was a-fallin' and fools were a-drivin', I was extra glad that I take the train to work instead of worrying about shitty winter drivers.


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