Thursday, September 23, 2010

Dancin' in September

Last weekend my best friend from high school came to visit again, and we had a great time. On Friday, we went to Second City and laughed our asses off. Then on Saturday we messed around in the city during the day and then met up with another great friend from high school to whoop it up at night. We had so much fun--laughing, dancing, reminiscing. What a night!

This week at grad school my professor sort of clarified her remarks to me about veganism being a psychological disorder. Sort of clarified. She basically said that she was simply trying to say that her son "only eats three things" and he married a woman who keeps Kosher. Then she said that unlike some other vegans she's met, I don't look emaciated. All right then.

And then I led a bit of a coup and told her we needed to have a discussion about the way class was run because we just weren't getting as much out of the material and the course as we could. She seemed very receptive as we all discussed the fact that her Powerpoints on facts and statistics about learning disorders and the like did not really have as much meaning as a group of professional like us discussing our experiences, successes, etc. dealing with such disorders. She agreed and told us that she never meant to imply that she did not want us discussing, and that in fact she wants us to talk about those things.

And then she spent the next hour showing us worthless video clips and stifling our discussion.

"Pay raise when it's over. Pay raise when it's over. Pay raise when it's over."


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Keep driving to that Dough!


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