Sunday, January 31, 2010

Do you hear the people sing?

This weekend I finally took advantage of a great big city perk: seeing a classic film on the big screen. A great old theater called The Music Box usually shows artsy indie films, but it also frequently shows great old classics. And for some reason, I've never been to see any of these classics.

So yesterday I went to see the great film noir The Third Man, which I had previously watched as part of my AFI 100 Films project a few summers ago. If you have not seen this film, I definitely recommend it, and I am very glad I got to watch it at a theater. The cinematography impressed me even more, of course, on the big screen. I now plan to go to see classics more often.

Elsewhere, my life is about to change--well, at least my daily schedule is about to change. As most of my readers know, I used to direct the plays when I taught in Minnesota, and this duty was one of the highlights of my job. I always loved getting to know kids outside of the classroom, and I have wanted to get back in to extracurriculars in some way at my new job. So this year I have the opportunity to be the assistant director of the school musical. Though I have never directed a musical before, I am excited to try it out. So auditions start this week for Les Misérables, and I look forward to the next three months. It is a huge time commitment, and I'm glad I am the assistant director instead of the lead director, but like I said, I do like working with students in a creative environment. I'm sure I'll have more to say about this as the musical progresses.


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Good to hear that you're back in the theater!


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