Thursday, January 07, 2010

Your armchair, your mattress, your TV

Oops. Sorry once again for blogging failure. The week back from break (which is also the last week of classes, as well as the week before final exams) has been very busy, so I have not been able to blog much. I've had a huge pile of essays to grade, which I have mostly finished, and I have exciting Odyssey essays coming in tomorrow. I'm not actually complaining, mind you, because I love my job and would not want to do anything else. But sometimes grading essays can get a little cumbersome.

Oh well.

Here's some new music:

"Sailor Song" by The Gadsdens. Some people I know really don't like this guy's voice, but I find it oddly intriguing, and I also love the piano and the vocal melody.


At 3:59 PM, Blogger matt posited...

What is the topic of the Odyssey essay?

WV: mantspa (n) - a place of relaxation and seclusion for creatures that are half man/half ant.


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