Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Wake up, America!

Last night Hillary did what she needed to do.  Though I do wish she had said a little more about Obama and less about putting a "Democrat" in the White House, I think she did a great job.  She certainly allayed my fears, and I think the speech was actually one of her better ones.  She had some great lines ("the sisterhood of the traveling pantsuits") and she got some good digs in at McCain.

I was also very impressed with the speech by Montana governor Brian Schweitzer, as well as Dennis Kucinich's rally cry to "Wake up, America!"

I also was very moved watching the official nomination today, including Hillary's call for a vote by acclamation.  The historic importance of Barack Obama being nominated was not lost on anyone in the hall, and I was glad I got to watch it live.


7:58 -- Why is Paul Begala allowed to be on television?  And look, Jennifer Garner and Jessica Alba are chatting together at the convention.  How cute.

8:01 -- Here comes Bill . . . I have always loved Bill, except in the past few months, so I hope he can redeem himself in my eyes.  

8:03 -- Please CNN, get rid of that ridiculous "Sound from the Floor" meter.

8:04 -- Look at all those waving flags. I guess we do love America after all.  And I love how Bill is trying to get people to shut up.

8:05 -- If he is really here to warm up the crowd for Joe Biden, why did the Dems put John Kerry after Clinton on the schedule?  That will kill the momentum that Bill builds.

8:07 -- "My candidate didn't win."  Really, Bill?  I had not heard about that.

8:10 -- "Barack Obama is the man for this job."  That was exactly what Bill needed to say.

8:12 -- Wow, I am surprised to hear Bill praise Obama's pick of Joe Biden so much.  Not that I think that he does not like Biden, because I know they are great friends, but one would have thought he wanted Obama to pick someone else.

8:15 -- I think that Bill is saying all the right things.  Bill talking about national security obviously brings a lot of clout, so this is all going well, I think.

8:16 -- "People have always been more impressed by the power of our example than by the example of our power."  Excellent line.

8:18 -- I do love it when Democrats remind us of the Republicans' assault on science.  So very true.

8:21 -- This discussion of what has gone wrong in America since 2001 is quite a good tactic, I think.  Obviously Republicans will disagree, but I happen to agree with his list here.

8:25 -- Of course Bill ends by mentioning "a place called Hope"--nice touch.  I think Bill did a good job here.  He did not come across as bitter, and he probably helped sway a lot of those foolish Hillary voters who say they won't vote for Obama.  OK, Bill, you're back on my good list.  Now get out there and campaign for him.

OK, I'll be back for Biden's speech (not that anyone is actually reading along here).

9:20 -- . . . now for Joe Biden.  I am excited about this.  We should get some good zingers here.

9:26 -- Biden's son Beau is doing a very good job of telling Joe's story; this is a heartfelt tribute, and reveals a lot about Biden's character.  Great job, Beau.

9:33 -- By the way, obviously CNN read my blog and took down the "Sound from the Floor" meter based on my recommendation.

9:36 -- So Biden's mom told him to beat kids up?  Nice.

9:39 -- Freudian slip!  Nicely done, Joe.  As he is listing the worries of the common person, I like his tone here; it is not stirring, but it is sincere.

9:41 -- Ooh, "Breaking News"! Obama is in the house, ready to join Biden on the stage.

9:42 -- "We do not have to accept a situation we cannot bear."  I like it.

9:45 -- I am always fascinated by the carefully choreographed signage at conventions.  These people have like 15 signs under their seats, and they all know when to hold up the right signs.  I want to be a sign maker in Denver.  

9:48 -- He is making some great points about the Bush foreign policy and what it has failed to recognize and realize about the world.  "An abysmal failure" of a foreign policy.

9:51 -- This list of things about which McCain has been wrong and Obama has been right is fairly effective, too.  Again, conservatives will disagree with what Biden is saying, but this list makes an impact.

9:53 -- "This is America's time."  Nice ending.

Well, he did not deliver the zingers I had hoped for, and much of that speech was the same as his speech in Springfield on Saturday, but overall I think Biden did an effective job at spelling out the differences between Obama and McCain.

And here is Obama . . . Man, I get so inspired.  It is a little foolish, I realize, but I have never been so excited about a politician before.  What he says about the promise of this country really gets at the heart of what I believe.  Tomorrow I will be all giddy.


At 8:28 PM, Blogger P "N" K posited...

It's still August. I have to calm down for awhile.

Three cheers for live blogging always makes for good posts.

At 8:29 PM, Blogger CoachDub posited...

Thanks, Parker.

Though we are obviously on opposite sides, I think we both agree that this will be a very interesting election.

At 8:30 PM, Blogger CoachDub posited...

And sorry Parker, but it looks like the Hillary voters are not rioting like you wanted them to.

At 10:39 PM, Blogger P "N" K posited...

I know. It's down to a last ditch effort right now.


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