Monday, August 25, 2008

Gather 'round

So I have some thoughts . . .

re: Joe Biden
I am very happy with this choice.  As I mentioned before, Biden can be a bit of a blowhard, but I also think he has an unparalleled record in terms of standing up for things I believe are right.  He seems to be a person who is not polarizing; by that I mean that conservatives can disagree with everything Biden believes in, but still respect and admire his service.  I have actually been a big Biden fan ever since 1988 when he first ran for president, and I have greatly admired the stands he has taken ever since then.

Regarding the fact that he has been in the Senate for 35 years . . . Yes, I understand the party-line criticism that the Republicans are throwing: "How can we believe in change when you select such a veteran?"  I get it. But I also think that Biden brings an insider know-how to the ticket that can help enable Obama to effect the changes he (and we) desire.  

I think this is a very strong ticket, and after the rally on Saturday, I am even more charged up than I was before.

re: Hillary Clinton
Hillary knew all along that she was not going to be picked, and I just love the idea that now Republicans are hopping to her defense and saying that she was slighted.  No one can drive wedges (usually false wedges) like Republicans, which is why they win elections.  I believe that Obama may have promised her something else, such as Secretary of State or another cabinet position. (My brother thinks he promised her John Paul Stevens's seat on the Supreme Court.)

Anyway, Hillary's supporters are giant piles of crap, and they are going to allow McCain's campaign to use them.  27% of Hillary's supporters are going to vote for McCain?  These people do not deserve the right to vote.  Here's what Hillary should say: 
"To all of my supporters, if you believe in the nation that I believe in, then you must vote for Obama.  If you want to effect the changes that I support, then you must vote for Obama.  But if you are angry and want to 'send a message,' please don't.  You will harm the country and everything I have fought for if you vote for McCain.  And if after my urging, you still want to vote for McCain, then fuck you all.  You are too fucking stupid to have the right things happen to you, and you deserve what you get.  I don't want you, I reject you, you suck, and once again, fuck off.  Thank you."

I do not think she will say this though.  

In fact, I am very nervous about what she (and Bill) are going to say this week.  Some people believe she genuinely wants to unite the party, while some people believe she is kicking off "Hillary 2012" tonight.

I will have much to say this week, but I go into the week with a sense of nervous optimism.  I am still very excited about Obama, and I am filled with hope and inspiration about the possibility of him being elected, but this election is the Democrats to lose, and if anyone can lose even a sure thing, it is the Democrats. 


At 9:08 AM, Blogger Erik posited...

Yeah, I read on CNN about the 27% of Hillary supporters planning on voting for McCain and it made me wonder what they could possibly be thinking. I loved the "what Hillary should say" segment, lol

It appears the democrats are already on their way to imploding. Latest polls show McCain is already in a dead-heat with Obama. This would be like if Nixon beat Kennedy in 1960. Sadly, I won't be shocked if it happens either.

At 9:15 AM, Blogger CoachDub posited...

I just saw some very interesting analysis of the latest polls. It said that when polls are taken at he beginning of a week or in the middle, Obama's numbers go up, but when polls are taken on the weekend, McCain's go up.
Now I am not saying that McCain has not closed the gap, because his obviously has, but the article suggested that we should be cautious about reading too much into the latest poll showing a tie. It was taken on Saturday night, a time when many young people (Obama voters) are out for the night, while old people (McCain voters) are sitting at home.

Presumably watching Matlock.

At 10:44 AM, Blogger P "N" K posited...

Hillary 2012. Maybe someone is making a bumper sticker already! Don't give in Hillary supporters -- make your pain known. I can feel your pain.

And I'm pretty sure the wedges driven are cheese wedges. Cut from the wheel of cheese that Baxter ate.


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