Thursday, July 31, 2008

I wanna feel something that sets me in motion

I saw The Dark Knight at the IMAX theater today.  First of all, the film is still a moving masterpiece the second time around, in case there was any doubt.  Second of all, seeing the film on a 6-story screen was truly an amazing experience.  The opening shot of Chicago/Gotham was breathtaking, and seeing the Joker for the first time as he stood there 6 stories high was a sight to behold.  The scene where Batman jumps of the building in Hong Kong was mind-blowing, and I got a little vertigo.  I appreciated a lot of the cinematography a lot more, in particular the scene in which the Joker is hanging out the car window like a happy dog--beautiful. Everything about the film was bigger and better--I recommend the IMAX experience for this brilliant film.

I am trying out a new embedded music player so I can post songs that do not have videos on YouTube.  I hope you like this feature.

I have been loving this song lately.  It reminds me a bit of The Stone Roses, and the jangly little piano part makes me smile.  I guess it is a little strange to compare one's significant other to marijuana, but oh well.  I love this song.

"Strawberry Weed" by Caesars


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