Monday, July 28, 2008

Calling out around the world

This past weekend featured the annual Wicker Park Fest, a great street fair in the super trendy and fun neighborhood right down the street from me.  In addition to the fun of hanging out with friends and sipping delicious brews on a beautiful (though slightly too hot) Chicago day, I heard some pretty cool new music.

Highlight #1 was being exposed to Nomo, a Michigan-based "Afro-funk, world-jazz" band that absolutely blew us away. With huge beats and an even more huge baritone sax, Nomo had us all dancing in the streets and dazzled by their funky rhythms and rhythmic funkiness.  I recommend checking them out.

Highlight #2 was Future Rock, an electronic explosion of fun.  Though mostly instrumental and synthesized (with lots of guitar too), Future Rock did have some sweet vocoder-filter vocals, in the vein of Daft Punk.  In fact, a highlight of the set was an excellent cover of "Robot Rock."  I am now a fan, and some of the performance reminded me of the excellent Chemical Brothers show I saw last year.

Then I saw a strange rainbow in the sky--strange because there were approximately three clouds in the entire sky and no sign of rain anywhere.

And then on Sunday, I went to the Cubs game with my dad, his wife, and two of my nephew.  It was fun going to the ballpark with the little kids, and the game was fantastic, with a much-needed and timely win for the Cubs.  The series against the Brewers starting tonight is the most important series of the year, and I am a bit nervous.


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