Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Complain, complain, complain

Sorry for the lack of updates. I spent the weekend moving and cleaning. With the help of some friends, I moved all of my stuff out of my apartment where I have lived for the last two years. As I mentioned, my new lease in Chicago does not start until August, so all of my stuff is in a friend's garage. Then on Sunday, a friend and I spent the whole day cleaning the old apartment: cleaning the oven, scrubbing the floors, etc. I can definitely say that the apartment is cleaner than when I moved in, so if I don't get my deposit back, then I may have to hire Tonya Harding to beat some knees.

Then Monday was spent helping a friend move out of her old place and into her new place. Fortunately these two apartments are only a few blocks apart. Unfortunately, my friend has 1,276,984 boxes of books, and both the old and new apartments are on the second floor. I did get some relief when I had to leave to go to work, but I went back after work, and we finished at 12:30 a.m.

The point? After a weekend spent hauling furniture and boxes, plus scrubbing and cleaning, I am so sore that I can barely move. On the positive side, I still have muscle relaxers and pain relievers from my recent back pain/frostbite incident. Oh, Flexerol . . .


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