Monday, July 02, 2007

"I skinned my knee, and I think my asthma is acting up."

Apartment hunting can be very frustrating. The apartment I wanted and applied for turned out to be not the one for me apparently. There was a mix up about the availability: I thought it was available for July 15, but the landlord wanted it rented for July 1. So I turned in my application, and everything seemed to be ok, but then she said she got another application and that person could move in sooner, so obviously that is better for the landlord, and, well, crap.

So I going back to the city tomorrow to look at a few more places. I am not desperate yet, since really I have until August, thought July 15 would be better.

The perfect place is out there. I just might not be living there.

I saw a couple of movies worth noting:

This movie has gotten a lot of buzz, mostly because of the murder of the writer-director Adrienne Shelly, but the movie stands on its own merits. It is a quirky little tale about a waitress in a pie diner and her desire to escape from her unhappy life. She hopes to save enough money to enter a pie contest, which will be her springboard to leave her disastrous marriage. Though at times the movie veers a bit toward the sappy, the strange and quirky humor add just the right ingredients. Waitress is probably not for everyone, but I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Live Free or Die Hard
Die Hard I and II are some of my favorite action films, so I was a bit hesitant going in to this one, but I was very pelasantly surprised. Live Free of Die Hard has the same smart ass humor from John McClane, and the action sequences and stunts are incredible. Some of them are way over-the-top, but it does not matter. This is a very, very entertaining movie.


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