Thursday, July 12, 2007

. . . beans don't burn on the grill

A mundane post:

I hate packing to move. Hate it. And packing books is the worst, and the bulk of my possessions is books.
My lease is up on Sunday the 15th, which is inconvenient because my new lease in Chicago does not start until August 1. So not only do I have to move this weekend, but then I have to move again in a few weeks. In the interim, I am staying at the apartment of one of my good friends here at NIU. She is studying for the summer at Oxford, so her place is empty, so that works out well for me. But she does not have a lot of storage space, so much of my stuff is going to be in another friend's garage until I move to Chicago. Even though my lease starts on August 1, I will probably stay in DeKalb for the first two weeks of August--that way I can make a few extra bucks working at Sylvan, plus I won't spend all the rest of my money "exploring" Chicago until my new job starts, around August 20. (I will be posting details about my new job in an upcoming post. I realized that I have not really said much about it on my blog.)

This little apartment in DeKalb has served me well. I have no real complaints. It is small, but relatively peaceful, as college town apartments go. So, thank you, apartment, but it is time to move on. Again.

But in other news, the new Stars album was digitally released today, only four days after the band finished it. The band hopes to stave off the leak of the album by releasing it online themselves, even though it does not officially come out until September. I like this idea, so I bought the album. I will have a full review coming soon.


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