Sunday, July 08, 2007

"Get your patchouli stink outta my store."

I signed my lease, so the whole moving-back-to-Chicago deal is in fact a reality. Woohoo! (Sidenote: When I type "woohoo" on a text message, my T9 suggests that the word I want is "Zonino." Yes, I meant "Zonino.")

Reasons I love my new apartment:
  • The landlord seems like a cool guy, and he lives in the building.
  • The kitchen, though small, is very cool.
  • It has central air! (It is 95 here today. I might vomit just thinking about it.)
  • There is a Middle Eastern restaurant about 100 feet from my door. I love Middle Eastern food. Falafel and dolmeh, here I come.
  • The 7-11 that is three doors down from my place has an ATM from my bank -- no fees, baby!
  • In my walk around the neighborhood on Friday, I saw at least 137 stores that I want to go to, and I will basically be able to do all my Christmas shopping in the 3 block radius around my street.
  • Some very fun nightlife, from The Map Room to Subterranean to Estelle's to The Double Door , is within walking distance.
  • The Metra (the suburban commuter train) stop is only a few blocks away, and since I hope to take the Metra to work most days, this is a great thing. On days when I drive to work, the freeway is also just a few blocks away.
  • Well, it's in Chicago. Duh.
My new apartment building:

My place is the ground floor apartment down this charming patio area:


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