Sunday, December 20, 2009

My wingtip passing over

I'm in Indiana visiting my brother and nephews. My dad and his wife are in town as well, and we had an early Christmas yesterday since my dad and his wife are going to Mexico. I got some nice presents, such as an Apple Airport (which I will use to stream my iTunes to my surround sound speakers in my living room!), and several movies (including Inglourious Basterds and The Hangover!). But mostly I'm just enjoying hanging out with the boys. They got some new video games and other toys, so these new things will keep us busy all day. And my mom will be down here tomorrow for round two of Christmas.

Earlier in the week I saw Up in the Air, which I thought was very good. Director Jason Reitman has created quite a track record for himself, and Up in the Air continues his winning streak. George Clooney does some of is best work in this bittersweet, funny, and sad film. No other movie this year speaks as well to the sadness of our times. The film simply presents us with some powerful characters moving through their lives--no film gimmicks, action sequences, just a great story.

I do not think that Up in the Air is the best picture of the year, though momentum (including Golden Globe nominations and critics' lists) seems to be pointing toward this film winning the Oscar. This movie is very good, but I do not think it lives up to some of the praise. Nonetheless, I absolutely recommend it.

Coming soon, my review of Avatar.


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