Thursday, January 31, 2008

If you say 'Live together, die alone' to me, Jack...


First, a few words about the Republican debate last night:
  • McCain looked like a fool with the whole "timetable" thing
  • Romney, though he is not a real person, was pretty smooth
  • Huckabee, though I disagree with almost all of his positions, is smart and charismatic. McCain would be wise to look at him as a running mate. Wise, in terms of strategy, that is--the idea of Huckabee being a heartbeat away . . . and a 71-year old heartbeat away at that . . . yikes.
  • I felt bad for Ron Paul. They never let him talk, do they?

But tonight is a big night. Of course the Democratic debate should be fun and fireworks-tastic, but more importantly, Lost is back! Oh man, I am so excited. And thankful for my DVR.

I may have a second post after the spectacles.

UPDATE (10:00-ish):

Debate: How cordial. How genial. You all know I am a Barack man, and he did a great job. But I thought Hillary did very well. I do like the new chummy-chummy tone, though it meant no fireworks.

Lost: Oh my god. TV is back.


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