Monday, January 14, 2008

You're my number one guy

A very few thoughts on the Golden Globes:
  • Tina Fey won Best Actress in a TV Comedy for 30 Rock. This is excellent.
  • Daniel Day-Lewis won Best Actor in a Drama. Obviously I am happy about this.
  • Sweeney Todd beat Juno in the Best Picture/Musical or Comedy. Only in the Golden Globes could these two be in the same category. Even so, Juno is much better.
  • And Atonement beat No Country for Old Men? Are you kidding me? What bullshit. I saw No Country again this past weekend, and I realized that it is even more brilliant than I initially thought. While we're at it, the Coen Brothers should have won Best Director as well. We just have to keep in mind that the Golden Globes gave Madonna a best actress award once.

Oh well.

Here's new music from the boys from Hot Chip!


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