Sunday, January 13, 2008

A shooter, with some kind of robot leg

I have the world's biggest pile of grading to do, since this week is final week and all sorts of final papers are flowing in.

But I cannot just grade nonstop, so instead I will comment on two things that are on TV tonight.

First, I had not planned on watching The Sarah Connor Chronicles, even though I am a big Terminator fan. But I accidentally watched it, and I have to say that I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was well made, with cool special effects, but most of all, the story was compelling. It seems like the show has given itself lots of room to move, so some interesting plot lines could be coming. I will add this show to my list, especially since all the other shows are finishing because of the strike.

Now, on to the Golden Globes. In the past, I have made a big deal of Golden Globes, but this year, I do not really care. I am interested in the winners, of course, but I do understand that the Globes are fairly minor awards; they just happen to be glamorous.

And with the ceremony having been canceled because of the strike, the awards seem like an even more minor event. I will probably comment on the winners tomorrow, but nothing can turn me off to an awards show like Billy Bush announcing all the winners.


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