Monday, September 03, 2007

Minimal labor

I had a great weekend. On Friday, after a fun time out with co-workers after school, I met up with a friend from NIU who just moved nearby. I checked out several fun nightspots in my neighborhood, and I am getting a good feel for what places I like. Top spots so far: Danny's and The Debonair Social Club.

On Saturday, I did some unpacking and apartment arranging and relaxed most of the day. In the evening, my landlord and his wife had a little party out on the patio with some other tenants, so I met a lot of people from the neighborhood. It was very nice and communal.

On Sunday, I investigated my neighborhood a bit more. I rode my bike down to the Wicker Park Farmers' Market, which was very nice, and I picked up some tasty veggies. Then, as I blogged yesterday, I saw the beautiful film Once and then had a nice quiet night.

Today, I got up and went for a long bike ride, going up and down the streets of Bucktown and Wicker Park, enjoying a beautiful day and a beautiful neighborhood.

Then I saw another powerful movie, the documentary No End in Sight. This is a very important movie, and it was both enlightening and maddening. It basically reveals the incompetence with which the administration undertook the war, and the fact that the chaos and the mess did not have to be this way. As my dad said, it should be required viewing for anyone who votes.

Finally, this evening I grilled up some of my Farmers' Market veggies, and now I am going to relax before my second week of school starts.


At 10:26 PM, Blogger sherlock posited...

Sounds like an amazing introduction to the neighborhood. Farmer's Markets rock.

At 11:05 PM, Blogger scott w posited...

I am trying to court a young Bushie at the moment (don't ask me why), but perhaps I will try to watch this movie with her and sabotage the relationship from the start.

At 10:53 PM, Blogger Jason posited...

I stumbled out of my physics lecture through a small, transient farmer's market and into a picket line today, where I stole some free sub sandwiches to compliment the apple I was planning to have for lunch. Campus was rather lively today.


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