Thursday, November 16, 2006

Uplifted into infinite space

Some songs have a certain indescribable soul-affecting power about them. These are songs that from the first time I ever hear them through every subsequent listen reach me in some deeply moving way. There are not many songs in this category, and as I said, I cannot really describe what it is about the individual songs. I am talking about something different than a memory connection to a song. Many songs affect me because of the personal memories related to them, but this is something else. I'm talking about something Emersonian, like the big transparent eyeball, where the currents of the Universal Being (of the song) circulate through me

Ok, so anyway, I have thought about this recently because the song "Sons & Daughters" by The Decemberists is quickly making its way onto this list. There is just something about this song that really moves me.

So here are just some of these deeply, personally powerful songs for me:


At 11:44 AM, Anonymous Carson posited...

Great post. I just downloaded "Sons & Daughters" on iTunes the other day. It is really wonderful.

My list would include:
Radiohead - "Paranoid Android"
The Magic Numbers - "Love Me Like You"
Scissor Sisters - "Mary"
Robert Miles - "Childeren (Dream Version)"

And there is even one you are partially responsible for:
Moby- "God Moving Over The Face Of The Waters"
After listening to some Moby in your classroom, I went to the record store and bought "I Like To Score". And the first time I listened to the album... that song just grabbed me.

And these last two might deserve automatic disqualification for having been used in a tv show (Six Feet Under) or movie (Donnie Darko) I really love, but who cares:
Gary Jules - "Mad World"
Sia - "Breathe Me"
When these songs come on, they take over whatever I am doing. I get shivers down my spine.

At 1:42 PM, Anonymous Carson posited...

Oh, and Ben Folds Five - "Philosophy".

At 1:48 PM, Blogger CoachDub posited...

A very nice list indeed. And I'm glad that I could play some role in your musical life. "God Moving . . ." is a truly magnificent song.

And while I do like Gary Jules's version of "Mad World," I have some trouble loving it because the Tears for Fears original has always been a favorite of mine.

At 3:09 PM, Blogger Josh posited...

mountain goats- blues in dallas
bad brains- sailin' on
nmh- the fool
ted leo- bleeding powers (solo)

At 5:05 PM, Anonymous Carson posited...

I also love the original, but I just doesn't give me that same tingly feeling.

And as far as Tears for Fears songs go, I probably prefer "Head Over Heels" to "Mad World".

I really liked all the music you played on you little stereo back in high school. I believe there was some Fatboy Slim involved too. At least I was able to get SOMETHING out of that Multi-Cultural Lit class and the two high school plays.

(Just kidding. I loved that class and the plays.)


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