Thursday, June 10, 2010

Oh I like your poetry but I hate your poems

(Always apologizing, never changing . . . Sorry for the lack of posts. Since I got back from Iowa I've had some long days of school meetings and back pain. Anyway . . . )

I had an awesome time at my reunion at Grinnell. First of all, I simply love being on campus. Every time go back, I immediately feel at home. I feel a sense of peace and comfort at Grinnell, and many wonderful memories always flood my mind when I am back there.

Some of my very best friends attended the reunion, and most of the weekend was spent just hanging out and catching up. On Friday night our class cluster (the classes of '94, '95, and '96) sponsored our very own Harris Party -- the Harris Center is the venue where we always held our all-campus parties). I had a fun time dj-ing the party, and though our 36-38 year old bodies cannot dance for hours like we once did, everyone had a great time.

Staying in the dorms was nostalgically weird--and way too hot and humid--but eating in the dining hall was fun, especially since Grinnell has lots of tasty vegan goodies.

Mostly, though, I just loved seeing my friends. We got to catch up in a way that Facebook does allow, and though many of us have been apart for years, we all fell naturally into old ways and old comforts.

My four years of college meant so much to me, and I relished the chance to see the people with whom I went on that journey.

And then when I got back on Sunday night, I went to see the Trashcan Sinatras, one of my all-time favorites, as everyone knows. While the show did not have the same excitement factor as the August show last year (because that was my first ever TCS show), the boys were amazing. They played a different set list than last time, and they sounded great. As always, Frank's banter made us laugh, and the music made me smile.

Of course I got the scrawled-out set list again, though I cannot really understand a lot of the symbols:

But it translates to this:
1. people
2. easy on the eye
3. send for henny
4. astronomy
5. all the dark horses
6. in the music
7. i see the moon
8. freetime
9. prisons
10. i hung my harp upon the willows
11. hayfever
12. weightlifting
13. obscurity knocks
14. oranges and apples
15. i wish you’d met her
16. easy read
17. i’ve seen everything
18. the engine

A fantastic collection of melodies. And I also got an autograph from John Douglas, the rhythm guitarists, back-up singer, co-songwriter:

What an outstanding weekend it was. With one major exception--an epic crisis in fact. I'll write about that tomorrow. (My first ever blog cliffhanger!)


At 5:10 PM, Anonymous Your Mom posited...

I am reminded of our visit to Grinnell your junior year in high school. It was obviously a perfect fit for you. You would have been happy to stay.
I'm happy you came home for another year.


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