Tuesday, May 18, 2010

What They Died For

As everyone knows, I am a huge, huge Lost fan. And this season, the final season, has been a spectacular string of amazing shows. We have been treated to more mysteries, lots of answers, and some mind-blowing twists. I've been sort of dreading the end of the show because I do not want it to end. At the same time, I'm very glad the creators picked an ending spot and stuck with it.

That said, last week's episode was one of the worst episodes of Lost ever made. It was cheesy, poorly written, and badly acted. Though it claimed to give answers, it gave none. As someone one Twitter posted, "Please tell me I did not waste 6 years to find out he answer was a glowing drain."

Nevertheless, I predict that tonight's episode, the last regular episode before the finale, will once again return the show to stratospheric heights of brilliance. First of all, the episode is called "What They Died For," and just thinking about that title makes me a little goose-bumpy. But mostly, I really have faith in the creators.

With only 4.5 hours of the show left, I still don't know where Lost is headed, but I know I am excited for the upcoming ride.

I will probably post a bit after tonight's episode.

All right . . . That was awesome. I now have a few ideas swirling around in my head about the finale next week. Everything about tonight's episode redeemed last week's debacle. I care deeply about what happens.


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