Thursday, February 18, 2010

The streets and the cars and the crowds

It has been very hectic since I got back from Minnesota. I had a wonderful time visiting my friends, and apart from the rental car snafu, travels were smooth. But my weekend of fun meant it was also a weekend of procrastination. For grad class this week I had to write big paper--a "re-invented lesson plan"--and prepare a presentation for class. But again, since I was gone all weekend, I put off this project. Fortunately I thrive under such pressure, and whipped the thing together on Tuesday and Wednesday, and then nailed my presentation. A major benefit of years of teaching is the ability to wing things speak eloquently in front of a crowd.

This week has also seen a step-up in rehearsals for the musical, which I am enjoying thoroughly. So far we are just in singing practice, but we start blocking next week. Les Mis is a huge production, much different than my experience in the Little Theatre in Brainerd. The negative, of course, is longer days, especially since I have to take the 6:24 train home, getting me home at 7:15.

In other news, I really don't care a bit about the Winter Olympics.

I do care that single-game Cubs tickets go on sale tomorrow.

The end.

Here is a very cheesy, very lovely song that makes me happy:

"Into the Clouds" by The Sound of Arrows


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