Thursday, September 17, 2009

My heart starts missing a beat

Holy crap. The Pet Shop Boys show was so much fun! I went to the show with my friend Sam, and we had a blast. As I have mentioned, I have been a PSB fan for most of my life, but this was my first show. I knew that they put on very theatrical and entertaining concerts, but this show was so over-the-top fun and silly that I was laughing and smiling the whole time (while singing and dancing of course).

The major feature of the stage production was a huge collection of white cardboard boxes, which throughout the show served as projection screens, architectural blocks, weapons, and platforms. The back-up singers/dancers were a highlight, spending the first part of the show with cubes on their heads.

The Boys celebrated the urban life, with boxes becoming skylines . . .

. . . and dancers becoming skyscrapers.

But the real highlight was the music. They played a great combination of old classics and new songs, and the sold-out crowd sang and danced along to these wonderful pop gems. The show started with "Heart," an upbeat ditty from their first album, and this song set a great tone for the whole night.

One feature that I thought was interesting was a few medleys they created. For example, they combined my favorite song from their new album--"Pandemonium"--with a brilliant and clever hit from Very--"Can You Forgive Her?"-- and the result was a hip-shaking extravaganza.

One of my favorite PSB classics is "Suburbia," so I got very happy when this one started. I made a few short videos during the show, and this was one snippet. (My memory card in my camera is having troubles, so I could only make snippets.)


Lead singer Neil Tennant pranced around, singing and making clever banter. Keyboardist Chris Lowe was his usual stoic self, despite his frequent costume changes.

Another crowd pleaser was "Go West," which was one of my dj staples at college:

Snippet 2! "Go West"

And they played an odd but intriguingly dancey Coldplay cover.

Snippet 3! "Viva la Vida"

I really just had a great time at this show. The encore was a perfect duo of "Being Boring" and "West End Girls."

I don't need to say anymore. It was just a hugely entertaining night.

Set List:

Did You See Me Coming?
Pandemonium / Can You Forgive Her?
Love Etc.
Integral / Building a Wall
Go West
Two Divided By Zero / Why Don't We Live Together?
Always On My Mind
New York City Boy
Closer to Heaven / Left to My Own Devices
Do I Have To?
King's Cross
The Way It Used To Be
All Over The World
Se A Vida É (That's The Way Life Is)
Discoteca / Domino Dancing / Viva La Vida (Coldplay cover)
It's A Sin
Being Boring
West End Girls


At 8:04 AM, Anonymous Your Mom posited...

What fun! I played all 3 snippets at the same time. Try it!

At 1:20 PM, Anonymous Jake Carson posited...

I just saw their concert here in Minneapolis. I totally agree. Just a fantastic show with an incredible energy!

At 11:29 PM, Blogger Serenity Now! posited...

Cool! Again, jealous much, but I'll live.


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