Thursday, August 27, 2009

Still I can't let you go

I have a few things:

1) I recently saw District 9 and found it thoroughly enjoyable. This small little movie packs quite a punch. The aliens-as-apartheid story really works well, as does the documentary style of much of the film. The acting was well done, the direction was excellent and intriguing, and the story was compelling. The aliens were creepy but entertaining, and the film had some great action-packed moments. District 9 is an atypical alien film, and I really liked it.

2) The first week back at school, combined with my first week of grad classes, makes me very, very tired.

3) I have been reluctant to give up on the Cubs for the season, since they started the second half of the season on a roll and leapt into first place. Since then, however, they have sucked it big time, especially the high-paid "stars" of the team (Soriano, Bradley). Most of my friends have declared the season over, but I have held out. Until today. When I found myself celebrating the fact that the Cubs were able to win one game to avoid a sweep by the Nationals -- the Nationals! -- I knew that such a celebration indicated the end of the road.


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