Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Acres, visible horizon

I'm back from my awesome vacation to Minnesota. I had a blast and got to see lots of great friends. The weather was perfect quite a bit of the time, which I know has been a rare thing this summer. I spent a lot of time on the boat on Gull Lake, saw old friends at Zorbaz, hung out with great people, and relaxed a lot--a wonderful trip.

Except when I had some sort of spider or insect bite that caused strange and annoying bumps all over my cheek, eyelids, eyebrow, and ear. It was quite attractive.

I also drove down to a north suburb of the cities to see my friends John and Tiff and their new baby Max, who is quite something.

I was glad that I got to spend what amounts to my last week of summer having a relaxing vacation. Today I had to go to school for a meeting, then this Thursday I have teacher meetings all day, then Friday is Freshman Orientation Day, and then school starts for real next Monday. The summer has been way too short, made shorter by the lack of summer weather.

Sunset on Gull Lake. August 12, 2009


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