Sunday, January 04, 2009

You say you want a resolution

So that extended hiatus is over.

I had a very good time in Minnesota seeing all of my old friends, hanging out at Zorbaz, etc.  The weather was cold and snowy, sort of like a Minnesota winter.  New Year's Eve was spent with friends, which is always the way to go.

I am not a big one for New Year's resolutions, but I have a few this year.  One involves getting more sleep and trying to regularize my sleep schedule.  I do not know how successful I will be, but I just know that I need to be tired less.

But another resolution involves trying to restore my sad little blog to its former glory, if it ever had any glory.  I know that I have been lax lately (for the last year), but I really do still enjoy blogging.  So I hope to bring back some features that have gone by the wayside and spend a little more time with it.  Of course this resolution is difficult because I have a lot less free time now than I had as a grad student.  

That said, the next few weeks could be jam-packed here on the old blog.  I have seen a few great (Oscar-worthy) films in the past few days, and I will be seeing even more in the days and weeks to come.  In addition, my Lists (Best Albums, Best Films, etc.) will surface soon, so that may be worth tuning in for.

So thanks to everyone who reads my little space in the world, and know that I have you in mind as the new year begins.  And I take requests.


At 12:23 AM, Blogger matt posited...

was one of those movies doubt? i just got back from that and i thought that meryl streep was fantastic and deserves to get a nod. phillip seymore hoffman was good too, but that came as no surprise.

fargo needs to get with the times. as of now, the only movies that are worth seeing are doubt and benjamin button. im extremely disappointed in the absence of milk and hope that i can see that before the awards.

At 7:11 PM, Blogger CoachDub posited...

I have not seen Doubt yet, but it is on my list to see soon.

And I have to say I am not TOO surprised that Milk is not playing in Fargo.

At 12:59 AM, Blogger Tom posited...

no Milk in Brainerd either. surprise surprise.


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