Friday, December 26, 2008

Going to the country

OK, so maybe I won't post during the week while I am in Indy . . . Anyway, I had a nice time with family at my brother's house.  My nephews are fun as usual, and since they got some good presents, including a Wii, I always had something to keep me busy.  So Christmas was good.

My drive home from Indy today was a bit awful since many roads were closed and traffic was a nightmare due to an ice storm.  At one point I came to the tail end of a 50 mile traffic jam on the interstate.  I decided to take a risk and do what the 5 other cars in front of me did: do a U-turn on the emergency median U-turn spot.  I figured, "Hey, these other cars are doing it . . ."  Ahh yes, and those other cars got away with it too.  I on the other hand got a $130 ticket.  I am mostly fine with the ticket since I was in fact breaking the law, but I just was a bit annoyed that we were in an ice storm and with many accidents all over the place, but this cop thought I was a big problem.  Oh well.

So, I am home tonight, and then tomorrow I am driving up to Minnesota to ring in the New Year with my friends there.  As always, I am looking forward to seeing everyone.

Please stay tuned . . . 


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