Thursday, January 15, 2009

Live-Blogging the President's Farewell Address

Though I do not want to watch George W. Bush speak ever again, I feel like I should watch his farewell address tonight.  And since he has been an important part of my blog since its inception, so I thought I'd live-blog my reactions.

Even most Republicans I know are done with Bush.  Even most Republicans I know recognize some of the profound failures of this administration.  Just about everyone is ready for this to be over.  I predict that Bush will disappear for a while and spend his time clearing brush or some other hobby.

I am eager to see what his mood will be tonight: Sad? Resigned? Reflective (yeah, right)?Celebratory/Deluded? Whatever his mood, we can expect the signature sneer, which seems to show up no matter what he is feeling.

All I know is that the term "President Bush's Farewell Address" has such a glorious ring to it. Back in a minute . . . 

7:01 -- I did not know it would be in front of an audience, but I guess that is not a surprise now that I think about it.  "The Presidency will pass to a successor."  Indeed.

7:03 -- Oh, Dick Cheney.  I will miss you so.  I only wish you could be water-boarded at Guantanamo before it gets shut down.

7:04 -- I will say that I was impressed with George Bush in the days following September 11.  He showed grace and strength.  Too bad he fucked that all up with years of nonsense and lies.

7:05 -- Poor George looks pretty haggard.  I think he wants it to be over too.  He's done.

7:06 -- Son of a bitch.  "Freedom is the gift of the Almighty God."  In case you thought there was no Crusade-esque aspect to our missions abroad.

7:08 -- Oh, yes, No Child Left Behind has indeed been a rousing success.  Good work on that one.  We're number one.

7:09 -- OK, I do actually believe that he has always acted with the best interests of the country in his mind and that he acted according to his conscience.  I do genuinely think that it is true.  But, however true and righteous the intentions might have been, the actions are not necessarily right.

7:11 -- "I have confidence in the progress of America because I have confidence in the American people."  That's a strong line.  (Seriously.)

7:15 -- He was tearing up a little at the end there, and I guess that should be expected.  His speech was pretty good.  He was right to focus on the American character rather than on his record, so that was a positive.  So he goes out on a gracious, humble note, which is nice to see.

However, 15 minutes cannot erase . . . 


At 7:52 PM, Blogger Tom posited...

yeah i thought it was a really good speech. he's a good man.

At 9:19 PM, Blogger PBear posited...

I had a hunch you would be live-blogging this. I'd be interested to read your thoughts on No Child Left Behind. Last year, I went to a lecture by several principals in Minneapolis on No Child Left Behind. Going into it, I was sure they were going to tear it apart (especially since one principal had funding stripped from her school), but they all had genuine praise for it, so I always like hearing different perspectives on the issue.

At 9:51 PM, Blogger P "N" K posited...

My mother's side of the family is absolutely chalk full of teachers. They are split. My East Coast Aunt/Uncle duo and my Uncle in Richfield are generally pro NCLB, whereas I have teacher cousins in Indiana who don't like it at all.

I did not actually watch the farewell address, since I was watching hockey. Yes, I am a good citizen. I am a Republican, and I guess I am done with Bush, but I say that with no particular antipathy to him. It's very hard to be real happy about much. I see corrupt ______s like Bernie Madhoff (I haven't figured out a suitable term yet) and that makes me furious. Then I see all these people who get duped by their mortgage people and have gotten hosed by their adjustible rate traps and I am furious at a) the jerk managers who conned people and b) the stupid idiots who didn't bother to do their homework and got conned. A lot makes me angry the more I think about it. Like I was watching the Attorney General guy today try to justify his Marc Rich bullshit and that made me furious too. So it's a process right now.

I am glad though, Dub, to read your 7:09 comment. Because as many times as he may have screwed up depending on opinion, it also makes me furious to listen to all the shrill screaming lefties who think Bush led this country to "ruin" maliciously and somehow tried to screw everything up. That is so absurd that it's unbelievable.


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