Thursday, July 10, 2008


As I have previously mentioned, I am not normally one for sharing dreams, but if they are very odd, I feel like I must.  My last one was about Gordon Ramsay.  This one involved Rachael Ray.

So here it is:

My brother and I were on some sort of space station with food personality Rachael Ray, when it was determined that we were going to have trouble getting home safely.  I do not remember all the technical details, but the problem had something to do with burning up on return to the atmosphere.  So some scientist decided that If two people were willing to free fall through the atmosphere first, we could divert or deflect some of the heat away, thus allowing Rachael Ray to survive.  (Yes, I realize that this is not how the atmosphere works.)

So, because we wanted to be heroes and allow Rachael Ray to live, my brother and I volunteered.  The scientist told us that our free fall to earth would seem a bit like sliding down a slide, only we would burn up.  He then told us that there was a small chance we would not burn up, but then we would crash to earth and die.  But Rachael Ray would then slip in through our path and survive.

Well, then the time came to do our part for humanity.  We got our little suits on and jumped off the space station -- yes, we jumped off the space station.  And I remember the feeling of the fall very vividly, and the scientist was right.  It was like a very long slide--actually it felt like a very, very long water slide.  It was thrilling and fun.  And then as we approached the atmosphere, my brother and I looked at each other and nodded--we were ready.

But we just slid right on through--no burning up.  So now we were sliding through the air on our way to earth.  After a very long time, I looked down and saw that miles below us was a swimming pool, so we aimed for it.  And what do you know?  We splashed right into the pool, and again, I vividly remember the feeling, and it was exactly the same as when you land in the pool after going down a water slide.  We were fine.  We both popped up to the surface, and then started laughing.

It turns out, however, that not all was right.  It seems Rachael Ray was missing, and everyone just assumed that she burned up upon reentry.  The scientist who came up with the plan had been wrong, and though some people blamed my brother and me, most people viewed us as heroes for volunteering in the first place.

But then I thought things seemed fishy.  I remembered hearing a third splash in the water when we landed in the pool.  The details are little foggy here, but we discovered that Rachael Ray had faked her own death in order to get out of the spotlight.  We also learned that everything was pre-planned for this ruse: the entire trip to the space station, the use of my brother and me as death-bound decoys, etc.  Rachael Ray used us and the space program to fake her own death.

And then I woke up.


At 8:13 PM, Blogger P "N" K posited...

I used to dream that I was falling every so often when I was little, but it was the standard falling off a tall building and waking up before I die type of dream.

This is much more intricate and better.

At 10:01 PM, Blogger MISTER TERMINEUS posited...

I wish I could retain dream details as well as you do. And I must confess I've never heard of Rachel Ray before, but she certainly looks dream-worthy! (An obvious observation, I know.)

At 3:30 PM, Blogger Pelk posited...

So Rachel Ray was willing to sacrifice two people just so she could get out of the limelight? I didn’t realize cooking in front of America was so awful.


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