Monday, June 23, 2008

Chuck Norris with a BB gun

I have had a fun-filled few days. On Friday, my great friends John and Tiff came up from West Lafayette for a Cubs game -- I did not go to the game, but I met them beforehand for a few beers. It was awesome to see them (and I also randomly met Mike Doughty there, too).  I always love hanging out with them, and I will be heading down to see them in a few weeks.

On Friday night, my friend Angela came over from DeKalb and we went to a party that my friend Alan was throwing.  That was a blast, and I danced more than I have in a long time.

On Saturday, I went to DeKalb for a going-away shindig for a friend who is moving on to Indiana University to get his PhD in film.  It was great to see some old friends again.

Sunday, I saw Get Smart, which was surprisingly entertaining.  Not a great movie by any means, but I laughed quite a bit and enjoyed it.  I was impressed with some of the action sequences, which felt like real action-movie scenes rather than spoof-movie scenes.

And then the Cubs completed a sweep of the White Sox.

Today another friend from DeKalb was in town for a few hours, so I hung out with him and had a good time.

And then I put up some shelves in my room.

And I finally got around to watching American Gangster . . . A very good movie.  Not excellent, though.  Of course the acting was good, and I liked it, but I would not have replaced anything on my Best of 2007 list.


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