Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Bloody hell

I am not generally one to share my dreams with other people, as other people's dream are often less interesting than one thinks.

But last night I had a dream after which I woke up and actually said out loud, "What the fuck?"
So here's the dream:

I was at the Smithsonian to see a new exhibit by Gordon Ramsay of television's Hell's Kitchen. The exhibit was called "Where Gordon Ramsay Was on 9/11," and this exhibit was something that people really wanted to see.

So I walked into the exhibit, which was a recreation of a restaurant, filled with actual live people sitting at the tables. And you know how everyone knows where they were on September 11? Well, apparently in my case, I had never thought about it before, because all of a sudden it dawned on me that I had been in this restaurant before, and I was in fact sitting with Gordon Ramsay on 9/11. What's more, this restaurant was at the top of the World Trade Center, so in my dream I remember thinking, "Why have I never remembered that I was sitting with Gordon Ramsay at the top of the World Trade Center when the towers fell? (We were unhurt, apparently.) This seems like something I would remember."

Anyway, as I looked around the restaurant, I realized that the people sitting around were the same people who had been there on 9/11, and then I saw an empty seat next to Gordon Ramsay. So he saw me, walked over to me, and said, "I am so glad you are here. I did not know how to get in touch with you, but I know you were sitting with me when the tower fell on September 11, so I need you to make the exhibit complete." And then he asked me if I would join him in the museum exhibit. So I said yes, and then I sat at a table in the Smithsonian as museum-goers walked around looking at the exhibit called "Where Gordon Ramsay Was on 9/11."


At 2:23 PM, Blogger constant_k posited...

Dub that is the coolest dream I've read in a long time. I want to go to that exhibit. Screw King Tut.


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