Wednesday, June 04, 2008

I cursed myself for being surprised

The Death Cab concert was very good. I had never seen them before, and Millennium Park is a great venue (and one that doesn't actually host a lot of rock concerts). The weather was touch and go all day, with a steady rain falling for most of the day. But it never rained a drop during the show, and the more-than-sold-out crowd stayed dry.

(My pics are not too good. I think there is something wrong with my zoom.)

So after a good set by Rogue Wave, DCFC came out, opening with a great performance of "Bixby Canyon Bridge," followed by "New Year." This pairing worked well, and got the crowd going.

As the show went on, the band played a great mix of new, slightly new, and old. Some of my personal favorite numbers of the evening were "Long Division, "Movie Script Ending," "Soul Meets Body," and a whole-crowd sing-along to "I Will Follow You Into the Dark." In addition, Ben Gibbard joyously announced Obama's clinching of the nomination, saying it was fitting to be in Chicago.

The last five songs before the encore represented a fantastic combo, starting with the full version of "I Will Possess Your Heart." As you can see from this photo I took of the setlist (a girl in front of me got it), this string of five songs was quite excellent.

The encore worked very well, too. "Title and Registration" is one of my favorite Death Cab songs, and then they blended "405" and "Empty Room" into a seamless whole, which sounded great, and of course the crowd--me included--loved the closing performance of "Transatlanticism." It was a perfect end to a fun show.


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