Sunday, May 18, 2008

A carnival of idiots

Because Chicago is a city of neighborhoods, Chicago summers are filled with all kinds of street festivals. I am very much looking forward to all kinds of outdoor fun this summer. The festival season started this weekend, and my cousin and I attended Mayfest, the Lakeview neighborhood's street shindig. The festival itself was nothing spectacular (though the U2 tribute band was surprisingly good), with typical vendor booths and fair food, but I was just excited to go to the first street fair of the year. Although I did stop by a booth where somebody took an extreme close-up photo of my eyeball. I'll try to get a digital copy to share.
And as everyone (over 21) knows, there is something about drinking beer on a public street in the middle of the afternoon that just makes it taste better. (Or in this case, not beer but sangria.)

So I am very excited about my first summer in Chicago in 10 years. I have my festival calendar filled out.

Here's the strange new Coldplay video. It took me three listens, but now I love the song.
"Violet Hill"


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