Sunday, April 06, 2008

Got no flowers for your gun, no hippychick

I had a great weekend. I went out with some friends on Friday night and we met up with one of my friends of yore, whom I have not seen in years. We had a fun time.

Then on Saturday I hung out most of the day with my cousin watching Arrested Development and walking around my neighborhood. The weather was perfect -- 65 and sunny. Then on Saturday night, one of my best friends from Brainerd was in town for a conference, so I met up with her for a while.

Today the weather was even better, and I met up with the same friend and we went to
the Art Institute and Millennium Park and had a lot of great conversation.

This weekend really felt like spring, and as has happened several times, I walked around loving Chicago.

At one of the places I went this weekend, I heard a song from my high school days that I had not heard for years. It samples "How Soon is Now?" by The Smiths, and we used to play this at some of our parties in high school.

"Hippychick" by Soho


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