Monday, June 19, 2006

Obsequious kowtowing

I spent the weekend down at Purdue visiting a couple of my best friends. We had a great time, plus who could resist spending time in Indiana? I got to experience the Taste of Tippecanoe festival, so that was a fun reason to walk around and drink beer.

Anyway . . .

I am feeling a creative lull in my blogging lately. I have a few regular features, but I do not want my blogging to fall into a rut.

I do enjoy writing this blog quite a bit. I like commenting on politics and movies, and I like referencing/linking up to other sites, such as Found and Overheard. I think I most enjoy writing the band posts, even though these tend to get the fewest comments. But I suppose I need to remember that I am blogging as an outlet for me and to semi-keep-in-touch with people, not to elicit responses. If I start changing my blog content to get more comments, will I be a blog sellout? A comment whore? No, I will not resort to blog kowtowing or obsequiousness! Sometimes I think I should write more about my own life. I like writing about my past and my influences, but I guess I don't really write about what my actual day-to-day life is like because I don't really view my blog as a diary or journal.

Oh well.

If anyone has any suggestions for posts or new semi-regular features, let me know. (Or is this request just a pathetic attempt to elicit comments?)


At 8:59 PM, Blogger Josh posited...

start a beef with another blogger

At 9:31 PM, Blogger CoachDub posited...

Well, as you know, Josh, I'd actually have to start a tofu.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! Holy shit, I kill myself.

At 9:44 AM, Blogger Carson posited...

You could start a book club.

At 10:12 PM, Blogger Josh posited...

dude yeah book club

At 1:13 AM, Blogger Sherlock posited...

Maybe you can have a "BA [meaning "bad ass" of course] of the Week" segment. You can feature such people as Brian Boitano and Nancy Kerrigan for various reasons. Perhaps men, with lots of tats, facial hair, and either very strong or virtually no political opinions.
Or maybe you could take up cooking and post recipes! a taste of home. I'm sure your mom would love it.

At 10:29 PM, Blogger Houley posited...

this is getting weird.


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