Thursday, July 08, 2010

We all end floating away

I had a great trip to Indy to see my brother and my nephews for the 4th of July. We blew up a lot of fireworks, which are legal to the extreme in Indiana. The weather was super hot and humid, but we spent some time at the pool, and even more time in the air conditioning. The nephews are great, as always. And I watched Hot Tub Time Machine, which was embarrassingly humorous.

I had my last grad class of the summer session last night, so now I'm finished until September. So I'm halfway through the grad program. But halfway through means I an get a bit of a raise for next year (which will help with my new part-time employment).

New music:

"Fixed" by Stars

"Scribble" by Underworld (one of my all-time favorite electronic acts, of course)


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