Wednesday, November 25, 2009

I just blue myself

I will see a lot of family this week, which is great. I'll be heading over to my mom's for Thanksgiving tomorrow, which will be a fun day full of great food and wine, plus excellent company!

My dad and his wife, my brother, and my nephews are in Chicago for the weekend as well, so it will be nice to see them as well.

My long weekend started off with a bang as I went to see Blue Man Group with my dad, brother, and nephews. I have always wanted to see Blue Man Group, and I even lived mere blocks away from where they started back the first time I lived in Chicago . . . but I never saw them. So I was very excited about the show tonight.

And it far exceeded expectations. This is a spectacularly fun show, and I loved every second of it. They are funny, creative, and extremely talented. The music is phenomenal, the visuals are stunning, and the comedy is amazing. I wholeheartedly recommend Blue Man Group if you ever get the chance. It was an awesome show.


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