Monday, March 09, 2009

Don't have to be beautiful, but it helps

Let's groove:

"Love, Etc." by the Pet Shop Boys
I am a huge Pet Shop Boys fan, and they have a new album coming out soon. The new single is bouncy (as exemplified by the video) and fun, and I love the shouting chorus. It's a cheesy pop song, but it gets my toes a-tappin'.  (Full screen this, won't you? I had to shrink it so it did not burst out of the blog seams.)

"Blind: by Hercules and Love Affair
I mentioned this song in my Best Albums of 2008 post, so I thought it was time to share the video.  The horns, wonderful.  The beat, awesome.  The voice, weird.

"Happy Up Here" by Röyksopp
Now this video is just tremendous.  The concept is that the old, old arcade/Atari game Space Invaders comes true, but the graphics of the game were not primitive--instead, that's the way things really look when we are invaded.  Brilliant.


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