Sunday, January 06, 2008

Snooze and Fate

I am back in Chicago, safe and sound . . . although it could easily have been a different story. For just about the entire trip I was driving through very dense fog, and right around Madison, all traffic came to a complete standstill. I thought to myself, "I'll bet there was a bad wreck." Well as I sat in the car, in the span of ten minutes, about nine fire trucks, seven ambulances, and seven police cars zipped by on the shoulder. I knew that this traffic jam was going to be a long one, but fortunately I was right by an exit ramp, so I got off the interstate and was back at my trek in no time.

But when I got home, I checked out what the deal was:

Dozens of vehicles involved in I-90 pileups;
two dead, more than 30 injured

36 cars! People dead! Yikes. It does freak me out that this all happened about five or ten minutes ahead of me on the highway. If I had not hit snooze this morning, who knows what might have happened . . .

But I had my awesome "driving" playlist going in my iPod to keep my mind off of my brush with disaster -- And in case you wanted to know, Brainerd is 108 songs from Chicago.


At 10:18 AM, Blogger sherlock posited...

It seems like there's always fog right around Madison... Yikes. Good to hear you made it safely

At 12:50 PM, Blogger Angela posited...

glad you made it back ok :)


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