Monday, January 07, 2008

Making Meatpie

An Over-Winter-Break Movie Recap:

Atonement -- Having read a couple of Ian McEwan novels, I knew that Atonement would not be a typical feel-good romance, and it certainly was not. The movie had me worried for the first half, because I thought it was going to be an English Patient-style snoozer, but second half of the movie really turned around, and the climax provided some very intriguing plot turns. Well-acted, nice to look at, etc. I'd say this is a very good movie, but not a great one.

I Am Legend -- This movie was not what I expected. I guess I did not know it was going to try to be so 28 Days Later, but I enjoyed watching it. It is a bit scary, which I liked (not as scary as 28 Days Later, mind you), and Will Smith does a good job. I thought the movie had some awesome set design/special effects, with the empty shots of New York. Anyway, this is an entertaining movie.

Sweeney Todd -- I really liked this film. All of the acting is great, and Johnny Depp does his best Bowie impression while singing the catchy tunes. But what I liked most is the absolutely over-the-top blood. This is one of the bloodiest movies ever, and it is also clever and fun. Again, not a great movie, but I liked it quite a lot. What's not to love about a barber who kills people and makes pie out of them, all while singing?

And I saw Juno again. I was planning on seeing There Will Be Blood tonight, but we have a severe thunderstorm warning/tornado watch, so I'd rather not walk around. (Yes, a tornado watch in January -- it was 68 degrees today.) But since There Will Be Blood is such a must-see for me, I will most likely go tomorrow.


At 1:01 AM, Blogger Vinnie-Senza posited...

I just saw the Atonement tonight and I agree, I was getting a little bored by the constant recapping of all the scenes, but, the ending definitely made it better.

I think my friends overplayed Sweeney Todd for me so much that it was slightly a let down when I went to see it.... Awesome blood, though.

There Will Be Blood: Fantastic. I won't say anything, but, last scene, glorious.

Also, I think I am going to go see El Orfanato tomorrow. Exciting!

At 9:19 PM, Blogger Kid C posited...

I can't wait to see "There Will Be Blood", though being in rural Minnesota forces me too. Hell, I just saw "No Country for Old Men" so I'm far from up-to-date on movies. You should definitely write a review (brief or otherwise) of "Blood". I would be excited and intrigued to hear you thoughts on it.


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