Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Pepfests and California Rolls

I really love my new job, but some of my friends have asked me if the students are any different at a mega-rich school like the one where I work. As I approach the mid-semester mark, I can say that students are more or less the same everywhere, whether their parents are loaded or not. Students have the same academic issues, discipline issues, etc. I will say that my honors-level seniors are applying to a much wider college pool than students I have had in the past, since for most of them money is not an issue. But in all the good ways (and the bad ways, I guess), teenagers are teenagers.

But a few minor differences do exist:
  • The girls at my school have much more expensive purses
  • Almost all of my students have traveled all over the world
  • When a student turns 16, the question is "What kind of car?" not "Did you get a car?"
And the main difference?
  • The à la carte line in the cafeteria features pizza, french fries, and sushi. Every day. Sushi.


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A rather impractical mode of dress has recently presented itself at a number of Midwestern universities. The "Coastie," from the East or West coast, is most easily distinguished by large sunglasses, an expensive purse, Uggs and leggings without shorts. I have heard that coastal parents have the general perception that Midwestern schools are safer, and I am curious if they are beginning to move their kids during high school. Has this fashion infiltrated the wealthier Midwestern high school?


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