Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Why I Love Our President, Part 2,345,543

George Bush has never vetoed a single piece of legislation or spending that has been put in front of him. He signs spending bills as though the country has any money.

But now Bush is all set to use his veto power for the first time:

The Senate defied the White House yesterday and voted to set new limits on interrogating detainees in Iraq and elsewhere, underscoring Congress's growing concerns about reports of abuse of suspected terrorists and others in military custody.

Forty-six Republicans joined 43 Democrats and one independent in voting to define and limit interrogation techniques that U.S. troops may use against terrorism suspects, the latest sign that alarm over treatment of prisoners in the Middle East and at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, is widespread in both parties. The White House had fought to prevent the restrictions, with Vice President Cheney visiting key Republicans in July and a spokesman yesterday repeating President Bush's threat to veto the larger bill that the language is now attached to -- a $440 billion military spending measure.

Senate GOP leaders had managed to fend off the detainee language this summer, saying Congress should not constrain the executive branch's options. But last night, 89 senators sided with Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.), a former prisoner of war in Vietnam who led the fight for the interrogation restrictions. McCain said military officers have implored Congress for guidelines, adding that he mourns "what we lose when by official policy or by official negligence we allow, confuse or encourage our soldiers to forget . . . that which is our greatest strength: that we are different and better than our enemies . . . ." In his closing speech, McCain said terrorists "hold in contempt" international conventions "such as the Geneva Conventions and the treaty on torture."

"I know that," he said. "But we're better than them, and we are the stronger for our faith."
from the Washington Post

Bush vows to veto this bill, and his veto will surely be overridden. I love the fact that Republicans are finally standing up to Bush and his misguided ideas.

What I find most intriguing is that the only bill that Bush has ever decided to veto is one that puts limits on torture and raises America up.

We wouldn't want that.


At 1:13 PM, Blogger Jake posited...

What does McCain know? He's just another crazy left-wing extremist with no wartime experience whatsoever.

At 3:03 PM, Anonymous katja posited...

I love how the media decides to censor things. For instance, there are many more pictures that depict the torture that the prisoners underwent, however they´re not shown in America, or at least to my knowlege. When I saw them for the first time on the Spanish news I was horrified, even more than before(which says loads). I think that if the American Media weren´t circumscribing the truth, then more of America would probably feel outraged, not only with the torture, but with the war on Iraq and so forth. Free Media. HAH... And why isn´t there a larger out-cry against(or would it be toward?) Bush anyway??? He´s just draging America down with him.

At 6:22 PM, Blogger Johnny V posited...

John McCain is one of my heroes. I would vote for him if he ever ran for president over a lot of Democratic candidates simply because I think he has shown on multiple occasions that he has the integrity that most politicians are lacking.

At 9:49 PM, Blogger chris posited...

I just read the article "the War inside the peace movement" and i've gotta say that unless my fellow socialist fall in line, the GOP will do what it usally does. divide and conquer.

At 10:02 PM, Blogger Johnny V posited...

Personally, I believe the GOP wins because the Democrats are constantly reacting to them and playing defense. You can't win a war, or an election, that way. Also, if the Democrats had a dogma which was half as strong as the Republicans (guns good, homosexuality bad... etc) it would be "on like Donkey Kong," to quote Stiffler.

At 2:42 PM, Blogger Tom posited...


At 2:43 PM, Blogger Tom posited...

come on now, thats not TOTALLY fair...

At 6:18 PM, Blogger Johnny V posited...

Oh, it pretty much is Tom. How many Tom's and Parker's are there in the world?

At 7:34 PM, Blogger pkizzle posited...

Random political story because I have no other forum in which to share it:

The Augustana Democrats were trying to think up ideas for T-shirts, and as no one else had any suggestions, i recommended "George Bush has a tiny penis." Needless to say, others were not impressed, and a few were actually repulsed. (Not my intention) Later that night I told the idea to my RA who is extremely liberal, and he liked it so much he is going ahead with the idea. The shirts should be in circulation on our floor by thanksgiving break. Thank you for alotting me the opportunity to share that.

At 10:00 PM, Blogger Houley posited...

"John McCain is one of my heroes. I would vote for him if he ever ran for president over a lot of Democratic candidates simply because I think he has shown on multiple occasions that he has the integrity that most politicians are lacking."

Seconded. I'd vote for him 532164x over GW.

At 11:27 PM, Blogger Josh posited...

I wouldn't vote for John McCain.

At 12:40 AM, Blogger P "N" K posited...

Please please please. It's way too late at night to rev the engine up and go on a gigantic rant...but John and Jason, c'mon now.

The words integrity and politician are mutually exclusive. McCain always has and always will look out for himself. So let's not crown hiim a Halo amidst rays of shining light and angelic choirs.

The guy probably has castrated himself trying to straddle the fence for his entire life.

I admire his record of service. But the guy is not a saint.

That's all.

At 8:54 AM, Blogger Kid C posited...

"The words integrity and politician are mutually exclusive." Parker Keinholz, ALWAYS the voice of reason.

PK, I want to see a picture of you or at least somebody wearing one of these "GW has a small penis" shirts. You should post it on Capstar. Seriously.

As far as McCain goes, he already lost to Bush for the nomination in 2000. His race has been run.

As far as a Democrat taking office, there's always a chance for Obama in 2012. However, if the Democrats ran a WOMAN and THEN A MINORITY it'd be a tough race to win. Liberals are already the underdog in elections right now since the Republicans are the official party of God and religion (plus Americans love their guns). Couple that with two minority candidates which America may or may not be ready for and I have my doubts.

And I'm out.


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