Sunday, July 05, 2009

"There is absolutely nothing I want to do in Indiana."

I went down to my brother's house in Indy for the long weekend. I got to hang out and play with my nephews, which is always fun. My dad and his wife were also there, and it was nice to see them as well. We had a lot of really good food, and we also lit off some awesome fireworks. Fireworks are legal in Indiana, and we bought some good ones. When I was a kid, we used to buy fireworks every year, but they sell much better ones now. I did not know that one could buy the shoot-up-in-the-air, explode-into-designs, semi-professional fireworks, but we did, and they were quite fun, despite the very rainy day on 4th.

My brother and I also saw Public Enemies, which was very good. Johnny Depp and Christian Bale were excellent as always, and Michael Mann's direction really made for a stylish and entertaining film. Mann is an amazing director, and he makes some very good cinematic choices here. I did not know too much about John Dillinger, so I found the story compelling. It was fun seeing Chicago transformed back to the 1930s, and I remember when these scenes were filmed, not too far away from me. I recommend Public Enemies for an excellent time at the theater.


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