Thursday, November 25, 2010

Not Your Fault But Mine

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! I know my blog has been on life-support lately, but once again I want to say that it is not dead. I've just been very busy with work for the last two weeks, and now very grateful for a few days off.

I'm heading to my mom's for Thanksgiving, and she always makes me all manner of delicious vegan tasties.

So I am normally pretty quick to find the new music and such, so I am kicking myself for letting Mumford and Sons fly under my radar for so many months. I heard people talking about them, but for whatever reason I did not ever hear any of their music. But now I have, and I love it.

So I know for many people the song "Little Lion Man" is old news, but I cannot get enough of it. There's nothing about this song I dislike, and I have been listening to it on heavy rotation lately.

Anyway, again--Happy Thanksgiving!


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