Monday, October 06, 2008

Yes, captain.

I will be posting soon about my thoughts about the Cubs.  I'm still formulating my thoughts.

But I had a fantastic weekend in Grinnell.  It was great to reconnect with some friends, and I also got reinvigorated about being on my class committee.  (Being on the class committee means I do alumni outreach, reunion planning, etc.)  I absolutely loved everything about my college years, and I feel a real sense of well-being and happiness when I am back on campus.  It was truly one of my great homes.  Our planning meetings also coincided with the opening of an amazing new science building (the sciences at Grinnell are top-notch), so I went to a celebration hosted by Chekov from Star Trek.

(The actor, Walter Koenig, is a Grinnell grad.)

Anyway, the weekend went very well, and now we are planning a party for Chicago-area Grinnell alums, and I am excited about that.

So tune in tomorrow for what will probably be my last baseball-related post until spring . . . 


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